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Ghost Stories... and they're all TRUE!!!

From Ghost Journal In Lobby...

"Across from 311, the hallway light, (which is brand new) flickers sometimes when people walk by. No other Hallway light flickers in the whole hotel. So its us two housekeepers and the maintenance guy, and he says of your a ghost flicker once and if not flicker twice, the light flashed one time and it never did the rest of the day? Weird!!!"

"I have heard kids playing on the 4th and 3rd floor hallways! Door slammed in front of me, checked room, no one there!"

"Laundry cart rolled across the lobby from the front doors to the wall in front of the restrooms. Thought it was because floor was slanted, turns out the floors were levelled! Hmmm... On my swing shift I continue to hear doors slamming up on the 2nd floor. I'll go and check - no one there. Other times I'll go into the rooms after hearing doors slam and the balcony doors are unlocked."

"The Piano is playing, but no one is there!!!! Coincidence? I think not!"
Hayley & Savannah- 9/1/12

"She arrived by carriage driven by a handsome young man from Stockton. She was obviously with child. He promised to return within a month - but was never seen again.
In her fourth month she cried out in the middle of the night. Heartbroken and alone she went into labour - much too soon. Although the caring staff called the doctor and stayed by her side, she passed away before he arrived.
Since that night, on a full moon she can be seen on the balcony of room 201. Her white gown and raven hair flowing in the breeze as she searches for her lover."
SC & PC - September 1 1855

"As I was taking the mop bucket down to the first floor from the second the elevator went up to the third floor, didn't open the doors and then went all the way down to the first floor! Weird!"
Milka - 8/26/12

"About 5 minutes ago I was locking up the deli case and turning off lights etc... I walked back into the lobby area where I had just come from, everything looked normal but something was different, the smell, there was an extremely musty odour that I have never smelled before, it wasn't an odour you would notice unless it was this strong, it smelled like a persons clothed, old, old clothes. Very distinct. I stopped walking as the odour grew stronger then I faintly heard a woman's voice. I stood completely still, making sure it wasn't my imagination, I cocked my head to try and block out the noise from the fans in the deli, it was a woman's voice talking very clearly, the hair on the back of my neck is still standing and I am writing this on the front steps of
the hotel. Why? Because the hotel is empty right now and I'm freaking out. True story!!!"

David P. - 8/28/12 2:30am


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